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Haley’s switch to Trump shows she was never fit to lead

The latest development in this explosive election year should not surprise anyone. Nikki Haley ran “against” Trump in the primaries, then bowed out. She pretended to offer an alternative to Trump, danced around all the issues that define him, gladly took all the money and votes she could get, and is now urging her supporters to do what she is doing: vote for a liar, insurrectionist, fraudster and sexual predator, a man without conscience or morals who has promised to get rid of democracy.

She may actually think she will be rewarded with the honor of sharing the ticket. That will be the end of all credibility for her, as it has been for many others before her. For a while, it seemed like she was fit to lead. No more. America, if you’re listening, you will hear what the party of Lincoln has become. Et tu, Nikki?


Sensible bipartisan action on climate change is possible

The AJC reports “insane” temperatures in Florida the week after Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill deleting “climate change” from some Florida documents (“‘Insane’ heat scorching Miami,” May 22). If any problem begs bipartisan cooperation, it’s climate change.

We have instruments that measure carbon dioxide levels in the air, so we know it’s rising. We use thermometers to measure temperatures around the world, and they are rising in tandem with carbon dioxide. Well-known laws of physics link higher carbon dioxide levels with higher earth temperatures. None of this is rocket science.

There are many ways to address climate change that can appeal to a spectrum of political leanings and to members of both major political parties. An example is the free-market-based approach of pricing carbon pollution with revenues paid out to American households as a dividend. Please support organizations, such as Citizens Climate Lobby, and leaders of both parties that back sensible bipartisan action on climate change.