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Some parents more concerned with school dress code than curriculum

Why are parents, especially mothers, more concerned about the dress code for girls instead of what they are being taught, “Sexist dress codes erode schools’ equity pledge” (News, Aug. 16)?

Should girls be allowed to wear a sports bra and very, very short shorts in hot weather and expect the boys not to notice? Are the girls just dressing for comfort by wearing skimpy clothes?

And, no, we don’t prefer hoodies and long pants or Middle Eastern scarves and long dresses. Years ago, DeKalb County tried to institute a uniform dress code as private schools do, which is a great equalizer; but parents were up in arms over that. So, the county backed off.

How unfortunate.


Georgia Republicans see Walker as a reliable vote in Washington

There’s been a recent flurry of conversation about the “candidate quality” of some Republicans vying for elective office.

Notably, Georgia U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been criticized for some of his controversial public remarks (“Don’t we have enough trees around here?” ).

But Republican voters are not going to vote for him because he’s smart (he isn’t). They’re not voting for him because he explains thoughtful policy ideas (he doesn’t). It’s not because of his sterling professional accomplishments (there aren’t any).

They want him to be a U.S. senator because he’ll be a reliable vote who will vote the way Republican party leaders tell him.

In a sense, he’s not much different than Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley, who are smart, can articulate issues and have substantial professional backgrounds. They will all vote the same way.

Democrats who believe Walker will lose the election because they think he is grossly unqualified may be a little too optimistic.