6/7 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Mayor Dickens deserves support on training center

While I regret the location of the Atlanta public safety training center, I support the efforts of Mayor Dickens. However, we need more, not fewer, trees. This choice of site was made before Dickens took office.

I support the idea of better training for our police, firefighters and emergency medical workers. Under Dickens’ administration, gun deaths have thankfully diminished some. Even one death is too many.

This is not just an Atlanta problem; it’s nationwide. I believe the police would benefit from additional training on interaction with the neighborhoods they patrol, de-escalation of conflicts, working with the mentally unstable and methods of reducing their own violence, as well as that of others.

Dickens is working hard to improve low-cost housing and its availability. This effort can make a big difference to the well-being of so many Atlantans.

Atlanta has problems, but by pulling together, we can solve them.

Mayor Dickens has the ability, integrity and energy to accomplish much. He deserves our support.


Plant Vogtle expense not justified

In a recent letter, Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols tried to justify Plant Vogtle bill increases by claiming that the huge cost overruns for new nuclear “would be worth it.” That is rich, considering he ignored his own staff recommendations to cancel Plant Vogtle in 2017 when huge costs were apparent. As they noted, there were far less expensive clean energy alternatives.

This fall, Georgia Power will ask the PSC to approve $10 billion in cost overruns for Plant Vogtle, which would increase Georgia Power bills by a stunning 20%. It is difficult to grasp how expensive this plant has become.

State law mandates that the Georgia Public Service Commission set just and reasonable rates. It’s time for accountability, not excuses.