5/19 Readers write

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

City leaders needed to help save Atlanta tree canopy

I love to walk in the neighborhoods of Atlanta. What I see is distressing. Giant homes are being built and trees are being removed.

Aren’t we living in a time of global warming? Aren’t trees the one thing that cleans the air? And yet we are taking down trees and building giant houses that consume more energy.

This seems totally backward. I realize it is probably all in the name of making profits for builders and developers. I want them to succeed. Can’t we find a solution that works for all? I don’t want to see our beautiful, canopied Atlanta disappear. It is up to policymakers to change this equation.

The same lack of planning seems to be happening with the intown high-density construction. A lot of construction, but I see no plan for the associated high traffic.

Are we playing checkers with our future instead of chess?


Active shooter drills won’t solve gun problem

On many occasions, Gov. Brian Kemp has stressed his belief in the sanctity of life from conception, hence his reason for signing the bill outlawing abortions after 6 weeks, even before a woman may realize she is pregnant.

Yet he turns a blind eye to the issue of the proliferation of guns in our community that is leading to the slaughter of so many precious lives, as he has made it easier to carry guns, concealed or not, in most public spaces. He stands fast with the gun lobby that sees any reasonable regulations on firearms as a violation of Second Amendment rights.

The fortifications of schools and conducting active shooter drills aren’t going to solve the problem. Many were concerned about how wearing masks in school during COVID affected children’s learning and mental health. How much thought was given to the psychological damage these children are being subjected to while going through these active shooter drills?