11/21 Readers write


Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Credit: pskinner@ajc.com

Republican squabbles are tame compared to Dem protests

Mike Luckovich’s Nov. 17 cartoon depicts a “GOP Thanksgiving” with those around the table yelling at each other. While GOP members certainly have had frustrating political squabbles lately, I wonder how things are going on the left.

I see little evidence of harmony. Pro-Palestinian protesters recently have had anti-Biden administration protests at the White House, DNC headquarters and near Biden’s home in Delaware. It looks like leftists are protesting in the streets against other leftists, with some accusing Biden of fostering genocide in Gaza.

As many have noted, the Democratic Party is being torn apart as two factions cannot agree on who the Middle East victim is (it’s obvious to most of us). This degree of party rupture goes far beyond GOP squabbles over government spending, the Speaker of the House, or even Trump. Republicans are not accusing other Republicans of genocide.

I guess a cartoon of a Dem Thanksgiving would depict a massive food fight spilling out into the streets. Mr. Luckovich, feel free to use this idea.


Another Trump presidency would destroy democracy

Letters from Trump loyalists/cultists appear to be coming from an alternate universe. Trump’s presidency was marred by constant turnover of his support staff and ineffectual/counterproductive policies.

Trump sabotaged his economy by his mishandling of the COVID crisis; then, he led an insurrection on January 6. He sabotaged international cooperation and fostered division and misogyny; his only accomplishment was a tax cut for the wealthy.

Meanwhile, Biden’s economy is strong, with inflation in check after the COVID recovery spike. Those criticizing his age are only guilty of age discrimination since Biden is competent, accomplished, caring and genuinely concerned about our country — unlike Trump, whose sole mission in life is his ego gratification and revenge against anyone who won’t gratify it.

Meanwhile, Biden is making genuine progress in dealing with immigration, climate change, wars and the economy — and succeeding. Four more years of Trump would be the destruction of our democracy.