These are Georgia’s best employers for women, according to Fortune

Fortune recently released its list of the "Best Large Workplaces for Women," and four Georgia-based companies made the cut.

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For the round-up, the business magazine surveyed more than 4.6 million U.S. employees at companies with more than 1,000 workers. The 60-question survey focused on the participant’s workplace experiences compared to men, their daily opportunities for growth and innovation and the effectiveness of their leaders.

About 15% of the ranking was based on how well women were represented in the workforce and throughout management. To be considered, companies needed to employ at least 50 women, with 20% of the women serving in non-executive manager roles and at least one serving as an executive.

Hilton, the Virginia-based hospitality company, took the No. 1 spot with a total of 55,522 employees. About 53% of the workers are women, 51% of the women employees are in non-executive management and 29% of them are executives.

The first Georgia-based company on the list at No. 21 was Insight Global, a staffing and recruitment corporation headquarted in Atlanta. Of its 2,923 employees, 69% of them are women. Although there are no women in management or executive positions, one employee wrote, “I love the amount of strong women leaders we have.”

Alston & Bird, also based in Atlanta, was No. 36. About 51% of the 1,610 employees at the law firm are women, and 50% of their women employees are managers.

At No. 46 was Jackson Healthcare in Alpharetta. Of its 1,403 employees, 70% are women, 60% of the women are managers and 42% of the women are executives.

The last Georgia company highlighted was Delta Air Lines, which took the 67th spot. With 88,255 employees, 41% of them are women. About 33% of their women employees are managers and 21% of them are executives.

Want to find out what other businesses were praised? Take a look at the full list here.

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