Student surprises mom, aunt with Morehouse acceptance for Christmas

It's a private, all-male HBCU located in Atlanta, GA. It was founded on Feb. 14, 1867. The mascot is the tiger. Alumni include Martin Luther King and Samuel L. Jackson. "Hidden Figures" and "Drumline" have filmed on the campus.

One high school student had an exciting and unconventional Christmas gift for his family this year, and the video of the big reveal has gone viral.

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Earlier this week, Barrington Lincoln of St. Louis handed his mom and aunt a couple of Morehouse College t-shirts. They screamed with glee, blowing the senior kisses without realizing he had more to share.

“You know what that means, right? I got in," said Lincoln, who’d been keeping the secret for 10 days.

The shouts grew even louder as his relatives burst into tears. "You've been holding out on us," his aunt said.

He uploaded the recording to Twitter, and it has garnered a ton of attention. Since he posted it on Monday, it’s been retweeted more 500 times and liked by over 3,500 people.

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"It's mind-blowing — when I woke up, my phone was blowing up!" he told CBS New York. "But overall, I'm glad that it was able to bring a smile on to thousands of faces and I'm so happy that the world gets to share such an exciting moment with my family and I."

Not only did poeple on social media congratulate him, but so did his new school. Morehouse responded in a tweet and shared the video on its Facebook page with the caption “Welcome Morehouse Class of 2022!”

The Atlanta-based HBCU was his first choice, and he calls it “paradise” for young black men.

“They not only produce some of the most well-educated African American men,” he said, “but they shape individuals to change the world.”

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