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Burger King to sell ‘Upside-Down Whopper’ in honor of ‘Stranger Things’

Burger King's Vegetarian 'Impossible Whopper' to Be Sold Nationwide

Burger King has partnered with “Stranger Things” to create a meal inspired by the show.

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The chain recently announced it would sell the Upside-Down Whopper. It includes the same ingredients as a regular Whopper, but the buns are reversed, with the bottom bun as the top bun and the top bun as the bottom.

In the Georgia-filmed Netflix series, set in the 1980s, the Upside Down is a spine-chilling alternative world inhabited by monsters. BK’s new menu item isn’t scary though. Instead of fear the fast food chain hopes to spark nostalgia, since the burger will be served in its packaging from the mid-1980s.

You can grab the special treat starting June 21 at certain locations in several U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Boston and Chicago.

Burger King has recently introduced several new promotions and menu items. Last month, it launched Real Meals, in a variety of moods. And in April, it introduced the "Impossible Whopper," a plant-based option.

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