Western U.S., Canada will face another heat wave

Western US, Canada Will Face, Another Heat Wave This Weekend.It is the fourth heat wave to hit the region in the past five weeks.Temperatures in the northern Rockies and Western Canada are expected to reach between 20 and 30 degrees above normal for July.A rare "heat dome" will develop over the region, moving north with increased heat as it develops.Temperatures are expected to peak on Monday along with the heat dome.Some forecast models have temperatures warming to between 105 and 110 in a few locations, so extreme heat remains possible, National Weather Service, Great Falls, MT, via 'The Washington Post'.Meteorologists say it's possible the heat dome will persist well into the workweek, perhaps dissipating by the weekend.Once-in-1,000-years heat that occurred across the Pacific Northwest in June... .... has contributed to a number of intense wildfires in the area