Woman gets lost, gives birth, accidentally starts forest fire

When she went into labor, an Oroville woman decided to take the back roads to her parents' home for help, but nothing went as planned.

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First, Amber Pangborn ran out of gas and cell phone service after getting lost in the Plumas County National Forest, on a road she had been told about but did not know.

Then she gave birth to her daughter, Marissa. That was around 5 a.m. Thursday.

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Pangborn was low on water and had only four apples.

With the baby in her arms, Amber had to fight off mosquitoes and bees. She called them "meat bees."

"The meat bees came out and were trying to get the placenta, I was trying to get them not to sting her and I got stung trying to keep them away from the baby. But they went into the placenta," Pangborn said.

After being lost for three days, the new mother tried to start a fire to send a signal and ended up sparking a wildfire Saturday.

The fire did, indeed, get the attention of a U.S. Forest Service worker and, within hours, a helicopter crew spotted Pangborn and her newborn and they were rescued a short time later.