Identical twins separated at birth make film about their magical reunion

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Identical twins adopted by families on different continents found each other on social media -- even though they weren't looking for each other at the time. A Facebook page tells the story of their reunion.

"Adopted, raised on different continents and connected through social media, Samantha and Anaïs realized they might be twins separated at birth."

The story of Anaïs Bordier & Samantha Futerman is pretty amazing: Bordier lives in Europe. A friend sent her a YouTube video showing a clip with an actress in California who looked just like her.

Bordier found the look-alike's name and reached out to Futerman on Facebook.

The young women arranged a Skype meeting and then met in person after deciding to make a documentary and raising money for their amazing reunion through Kickstarter. DNA testing confirmed they are identical twins.

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They held a second Kickstarter campaign  to finish their documentary.  They're hoping to hit the film festival circuit with their movie -- "Twinsters" -- next year:

"Twinsters will be finished for submission to the 2015 film festival circuit. Depending on distribution, the film will be available to view shortly after."

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