Dolphin jumps into small boat, breaks woman's ankles

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A family outing turned into a scary affair when a dolphin jumped from the ocean and into the small family boat that the Frickmans were riding in.

According to the Orange County Register, a summer afternoon included an unlikely guest for Dirk and Chrissie Frickman and their family when the small boat they were sailing in became the resting spot for an injured dolphin.

Dirk told the Register that his two children and wife were enjoying the boat ride when a pod of dolphins appeared beside them and began leaping next to the boat. Frickman recounts that his kids were having a great time, but out of nowhere, one of the dolphins jumped out of the water and hit the rail of the boat, then flopped right in front of his family.

“It hit my wife and knocked her over, and punched my daughter,” Dirk Frickman said. “I had this 350-pound dolphin in my boat. There was no way to get it off the boat.”

The ordeal left Chrissie Frickman in pain as the dolphin flopped onto her. The boat became covered in blood, coming from a cut on the animal’s tail.

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Frickman acted fast and called the harbor patrol, which met up with him and helped to get the dolphin out of his boat. Chrissie was taken to the hospital with two broken ankles, but Dirk says that she is recovering.

He added that he will never forget this “absolute crazy” incident anytime soon. “It’s one of those things where it’s all so beautiful, but you have to remember it’s still kind of wild,” he said. “From seven years watching them, dolphins have been so precise in their movements, but you just never know."

The dolphin was later released back into the wild after it was treated for its injuries.

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