30,000 Black Friday shoppers buy poop from game maker

You just can't make this stuff up

Makers of the popular but edgy game Cards Against Humanity used Black Friday ads to promise to send actual bull poop to anyone who ordered it.

They delivered on that pledge.

Rumors flew saying there might be more in the box, possible a limited-edition version of what has been termed a "party game for terrible people."

Buyers shelled out $6.00 for a square black box that contains an authentic “bull patty.”

LAist reports the man who created Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin, repeatedly used social media to assure everyone the package would be bull waste.

Still, nearly 30,000 shelled out the cash, and got a handful of dried dung.

Reports say Ebay has been active with buyers trying to re-sell the treasure for up to $30.00.

However, there were those who were disappointed and asked for a refund. They didn’t get it.

Some say they deserve what they got, others point out the contents of the box will make a nice fertilizer.

The company made 20 cents on each box of bull poop sold, and the net profit of $6,000 was  donated to Heifer International.

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