Q&A on the News

Q: Has a fund been set up to help former Ferguson (Mo.) police officer Darren Wilson now that he no longer has a job?

—Reba Nyen, Alpharetta

A: Donations can be mailed to the Darren Wilson Trust Fund, P.O. Box 11418, St. Louis, MO 63105 or made online at www.supportofficerwilson.org/donate.html, a website that is endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police. Cards and emails can be sent to Support Darren Wilson, P.O. Box 324, Cottleville, MO 63338, according to the "Support Darren Wilson" Facebook page.

Two fundraisers on gofundme.com reportedly raised more than $400,000 for Wilson before being shut down, but it’s unclear how much went to him, the Washington Post reported earlier this month. “Only Darren knows the total amount of money he’s received,” a message from a Facebook group of Wilson supporters told the Post. Wilson, who resigned Nov. 29, made $45,302 a year with the Ferguson Police Department.

Q: We hear a lot about the nor’easter storms. Do those storms come out of the northeast or move into the northeast?

—Skip French, Cleveland

A: Nor'easter storms, which generally hit the northeastern U.S., receive their name from "northeasterly winds that blow in from the ocean ahead of the storm," Accuweather.com states on its website. Nor'easters, which are most common from September to April, feature a wide band of hurricane-force winds on the northwest side of the storm and can include snow.

A nor’easter that formed off the coast of New England in 1991 was the basis of the book and movie “The Perfect Storm,” and another nor’easter dumped more than 26 inches of snow on New York City in February 2006.

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