Study finds Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine to be highly effective against Brazilian variant

Study Finds Russia’s COVID-19Vaccine to Be Highly EffectiveAgainst Brazilian Variant.Researchers in Argentina have tested Russia’s COVID-19vaccine, Sputnik V, against Brazil’s P1 variant. .The study was conducted by the Dr. Vanella Institute ofVirology of the National University of Córdoba (UNC).The Argentinian researchers found thatthose inoculated with Sputnik V had a strongimmune response against the variant. .85.5 percent of individuals developedantibodies against the variant two weeks afterreceiving their first vaccine dose. .Nearly 100 percent of individuals developed antibodiesby day 42 - after receiving their second vaccine dose.Russia's Direct Investment Fund (RDIF)cited the study in a statement, saying it “confirmed”the immunity offered by Sputnik V. .The study confirmed that the immunitydeveloped in people vaccinated with'Sputnik V' neutralizes the Brazilianstrain after having received two doses,and even after the first, RDIF, via Reuters.According to Rogelio Pizzi, dean of theFaculty of Medical Sciences of the UNC, they arealso conducting studies involving the U.K. strain.