New concerns come to light about Georgia doctor

On paper, he looked like a great hire. When Dr. Yvon Nazaire was seeking a state prison job in Georgia, he provided a resume showing he was working as an attending physician at not one but three New York hospitals.

The truth wasn’t so rosy.

One of the hospitals he listed on his resume hadn’t employed him in three years; another had long been shut down. On top of that, he was bankrupt and couldn’t practice in New York without close supervision because of a well-documented history of negligence and patient deaths.

Yet Georgia hired Nazaire anyway and installed him as the medical director at a prison where he would oversee the care for more than 1,000 women inmates.

Now, following an AJC investigation, there are new concerns coming to light, mirroring the way Nazaire’s career played out in New York. A succession of deaths paint a bleak picture of the medical treatment at Pulaski State Prison.

At myAJC, read about the women who have suffered agonizing deaths in his care and questions about the application he used to get his job.