Pfizer CEO says 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine is ‘likely’ needed

Pfizer CEO Says 3rd Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Is ‘Likely’ Needed.On April 15, Pfzier’s CEO, Albert Bourla, spoke aboutthe future of COVID-19 vaccinations at a CVS Health event. .According to Bourla, current data suggests a“likely scenario” where people will need a third dose. .A likely scenario is therewill be likely a need for athird dose somewherebetween six and 12 months, Albert Bourla, via 'The Hill'.From there, Bourla said an “annual revaccination”could also be needed, but can’t be confirmed just yet. .He said it “remains to be seen” howoften additional vaccines would be needed andthat the variants would “play a key role.”.But all of that needs to be confirmed andagain the variants will play a key role … It isextremely important to suppress the poolof people that can be susceptible to thevirus because they are vaccinatedwith high-efficacy vaccines, Albert Bourla, via 'The Hill'.The need forpossible boosterCOVID-19 shots isnot a surprise.Dr. Anthony Fauci previously mentionedthat we “very well may need” them in orderto remain protected against COVID-19.