Weak liberal pols behind migrant border crisis

The turmoil at our borders began when welcome mats were placed at the crossings by our politicians too weak to say no. The gypsies called migrants have been brainwashed to believe our country is a haven for freeloaders — just come on in and enjoy taxpayer-paid welfare. A doctrine written years ago to admit legal immigrants who would add to our economy has been ignored and replaced by politicians eager to indoctrinate liberal voters. The wall should have been built years ago and this latest socialist threat could have been avoided. Gypsies using their children as pawns is the lowest kind of human behavior and has brought about the necessary extreme use of barbed wire and tear gas to protect our legal heritage.


Changing climate should influence voting

The AJC’s Anastaciah Ondieki recently reported that the damage from hurricane Michael cost Georgia agriculture $3 billion in losses. In itself, this is a big deal, and we ought to prioritize helping Georgia’s farmers recover. However, this is also a symbol of things to come. As the planet (particularly the oceans) continue to warm, we should expect more intense hurricanes and increasingly drastic changes in weather patterns. This has worrisome consequences for agriculture locally and globally, particularly in a world where human population is trending toward 10 billion later this century.

And yet, we know the political story here. From the first official warning about climate change to LBJ in 1965, our leaders have taken little or no action to protect our farms, coasts, and infrastructure from the ravages of our warming world. This can change if we make this gross negligence the litmus test for how we vote.


Society’s fallen far in last 50 years

Monday’s front-page article (“Women accuse state employee of flashing them,” News) about a lawsuit seeking $500,000 in damages for being allegedly flashed by a fellow male employee, while using the word penis on the front-page portion, is telling of where we are as a society.

I’m 58. When I was a kid (50 years ago), neither thing would have happened. A flash would have been shrugged off as something done by someone with some sort of oddity. The word penis would not have been used, and instead the term “private parts,” etc. would have been utilized.

What does this say about our society? It is in a very weak moral state.

It is evidenced by things like the above and the fact that while our country is quickly sinking financially all that most people can think about is what else they can suck out of the system.

I hope the judge throws the plaintiff and her attorney out of court with a bill for the defendant’s attorneys fees and costs.


Past failures should rule out Rep. Pelosi

The monumental failures of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as U.S. House Speaker should exclude her from reprising her role as the Democratic leader in the House. One of her most glaring failures was that she didn’t even attempt to remove the undue influence of large corporations and wealthy donors on our elections. Thus, big money and undisclosed dark money flood our airwaves and internet with their propaganda.

Her failures led to declines in the public trust of Democrats. But, her greatest failure is that she has not groomed her replacement. Her immediate subordinates are all old establishment lackeys. This cannot stand. If she is to lead, she must bring in young and diverse voices. I hope new Rep. Lucy McBath wins concessions on this front before agreeing to support Pelosi for Speaker.