Infrastructure: A drive that must continue

Bob Andres / bandres@ajc.com
Bob Andres / bandres@ajc.com

Last week was National Infrastructure Week. It’s admittedly a wonky word. But it accounts for a lot, especially in places like metro Atlanta and Georgia. We’ve all felt the substantial growing pains that are the byproduct of a thriving place that’s consistently seen growth in population and jobs in recent decades.

There’s a national debate around infrastructure and how to pay for it. It is not new. And, as you’d expect, partisan political debate has delayed thoughtful consideration — and decisions — on innovative ways to fund what growth demands.

Metro Atlanta, and Georgia, have made considerable headway toward finding answers to our challenges around mobility, water and other infrastructure. We can be grateful for that progress.

Few would argue, though, that we still don’t have a ways to go toward enacting fixes in this regard. On today’s page, we offer three viewpoints speaking to infrastructure needs in this region, state and nation.

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