New pages in today’s ‘Do Guide’ in AJC to help keep you busy

Daily life has changed for everyone.

With so many events canceled, we’ve had to rethink our coverage — all the while continuing to provide a complete experience in your daily newspaper.

You’ll notice that today’s Go Guide section in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks a little different, beginning with the name.

For the foreseeable future, this section will serve as a weekly diversion — a guide to making the most of your time at home.

In addition to stories from our professional journalists, we’re including uplifting stories from your neighbors. We’ve added an extra page of puzzles, as well as a coloring page that will keep children and adults occupied for hours.

We believe that keeping our community informed — and entertained — provides an essential public service, and we are honored to work on your behalf.

At this time,  we are providing complimentary access to the AJCePaper (a digital replica of the daily print edition). Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to read today's complete newspaper online at  You can also find a convenient link at the top of The AJCePaper also allows you to download PDFs of the pages if you're able to print them out from home.

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