From the AJC publisher: Our commitment to you

Dear valued subscriber,

We are living through an extraordinary set of circumstances and this perhaps is the most important story of our time. The news about the pandemic keeps coming at a furious pace, and the AJC’s journalists are working tirelessly around-the-clock to keep you informed. In times of crisis, our journalistic mission is clear: to provide an essential public service by informing our readers, holding public officials accountable and keeping our community safe.

And what keeps all of us at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution buoyed are notes like one our editor, Kevin Riley, received early this morning from a subscriber, which read in part:

“Kevin, in the middle of what I’m sure what feels like a tornado, inside of a hurricane on your end, I want to commend your coverage. You all have been top of the line covering this unpredictable and fast-moving crisis in a really informative, objective way. The team you lead is shining when a city needs you most.”

Thank you for this feedback. We are honored to work on your behalf and provide this important public service to all members of our community especially in times of crisis.

We believe that part of our public service during this time is making our complete, in-depth coverage available to all. We are providing complimentary access to the AJCePaper (a digital replica of the daily print edition). Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to read today's complete newspaper online at You can also find a convenient link on the homepage of You will also find that our features and sports coverage and daily columns will also look a little bit different than usual due to the circumstances. Because there are no sporting events or other special events to cover — and daily life has changed for everyone we are rethinking our coverage of those topics and how we continue to provide a complete reading experience in your daily newspaper.

A special note to our subscribers

As a public service, we are providing complimentary access to the AJCePaper. We understand how important it is for you to stay informed. Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to read today’s complete newspaper online at This electronic version of today’s newspaper is also a convenient reading option for you should you prefer to use a digital version instead of your paper copy.

The AJC understands how important it is for you to stay informed and is committed to providing essential information in this time of crisis. Sign up for the AJC Coronavirus newsletter and stay up-to-date on the latest news, health information and helpful resources:

We are also committed to covering this story safely and want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to ensure the health of the AJC’s journalists and all those who work behind the scenes to print and deliver the news to you. The AJC’s journalists, working remotely, are tapping their deep sources, conducting interviews via video remotes and collaborating on coverage with political, business and crime beat reporters. Those who are out in public gathering the news and photos are taking additional precautions. For production employees as well as our newspaper delivery team, whose jobs require them to be at our printing and distribution facilities, we have implemented several ongoing safety measures, including enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of production equipment and using gloves and hand sanitizer to prevent any potential spread of infection.

We also recognize you may have questions about the safety of mail/packages, and that would certainly apply to print newspapers. According to guidance from Cox Enterprises, our parent company, and information from the World Health Organization (WHO), a highly credible source of factual information, the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low. This would apply to newspapers as well. That said, I know we are living in extraordinary times and understand you may prefer to read The Atlanta Journal Constitution via our e-edition. You can also access our complete coverage on, which continues to be updated throughout the day. For any customer service requests, visit, email or call our customer care team at 404-522-4141.

You are in the forefront of our minds as we navigate these uncharted waters together, and we are committed to our mission to keep you informed with print and digital coverage that is credible, compelling and complete. We can only do this important work because of you. Thank you very much for supporting local journalism through your newspaper subscription and by patronizing the businesses who advertise in the AJC and on

I hope you and your family remain safe during this public health issue that is affecting all aspects of our lives and community. We are all in this together.


Donna B. Hall