Parents say strangers used toothpaste to try to abduct daughter from school bus stop

The parents of a 12-year-old Georgia girl are warning other families after they say someone tried to abduct their daughter near a bus stop.

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The parents told WSB-TV that a woman in a van pulled up next to their daughter and tried to lure her into the van with a tube of toothpaste.

“I can tell you right now, for your own good, if you’re seeing this, I hope the police find you before I do. Because I am on a seek-and-destroy mission,” father Matt Borlenghi said.

Borlenghi said that two people tried to abduct his daughter near the bus stop along Portabello Lane and Lower Roswell Road in Marietta on Thursday morning.

“The minivan backed up right next to her, lady rolled down the window and said, ‘Excuse me, can you come here? Can you give this to my daughter at the bus stop?’” the angry father said.

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Borlenghi said his daughter found that strange. It’s all the more frightening to the father because he said his daughter is the only student scheduled for pickup or drop-off at the bus stop.

"The lady started getting insistent, saying, 'It's OK, come here. It's OK.' And then my daughter saw a man moving in the back seat. There was no one in the passenger seat," the girl's mother Heather Borlenghi said. "My daughter is really smart. She listened to her gut. And she knew it was wrong and ran."

Borlenghi said she was home and heard her daughter yell for help.

“And she just bolted to the house,” she said.

The couple in a dark gray Honda Odyssey with a white sticker in the back sped away.

The Borlenghis have filed a police report and told administrators at Dickerson Middle School about the incident.

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Now, they're warning other families.

“The only people I’m interested in scaring are the people who are doing this,” Borlenghi said.

Moving forward, the family said they plan on walking their daughter to and from the bus stop.