Opinion roundup: Charlottesville fall out; the race question in America; Elvis and opioids

A roundup of Thursday’s editorials includes a look at the fallout from President Donald Trump’s remarks about the violence in Charlottesville, America’s racial past and Elvis and the opioid abuse problem.

Here are some opinions from the Right and from the Left.

Opinions from the Left

Keep up the anti-hate protests, peacefully

The Seattle Times suggests that if fascists show up to protest in your community, don’t give them what they want. “Protest hate with peace.”

President Trump gave the most disgusting public performance in the history of the American presidency

Not pulling any punches, David Rothkopf writes for the Washington Post that President Donald Trump has shown he is not fit for office.

Don’t kid yourself — America is not ‘better’ than the bigotry and violence we’ve seen

Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald reminds us that it’s an expression we often hear, but are we really “better than this” when it comes to race in America.

Opinions from the Right

Elvis put a face to prescription drug abuse

Not many people put the words “Elvis” and “opioid abuse” together in the same sentence, the Johnson City (Tennessee) Press writes. To understand the history and scope of the problem maybe we should.

A ways to go on race, but let’s not forget our progress

From The Dallas Morning News: As horrifying as it was to watch the video of the incident in Charlottesville, we have to acknowledge our progress.

A monumental challenge

From the Augusta Chronicle: If we can’t talk about our race problems, can we at least schedule separate protests?