Feds want new warning labels on popular flea medication after pet seizures

Federal safety regulators want new warning labels on a popular flea and tick medication.

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WSB-TV journalist Jim Strickland traveled to Pennsylvania to interview veterinarian Elizabeth Carney, who had asked the FDA to put a warning about seizures on the label.

"I'm not saying that I think the drug can't work for certain dogs but I think there's enough evidence that some dogs are falling ill after taking it that I think we need those answers," Carney said.

The FDA issued a safety communication that said the agency wants new labeling on four oral flea and tick drugs: Bravecto, Nexgard, Simparica and Credelio.

The agency said muscle tremors, ataxia and seizures were seen consistently among reported side effects.

The FDA stressed the products remain safe and effective for the majority of animals.

"These products are effective at killing fleas and ticks, but they come with a price,” Marietta veterinarian Dr. Michael Good said.

Bravecto's maker, Merck

said in a statement that the company remains confident in Bravecto because of extensive testing on the product.

"After three years of post-marketing surveillance of more than 80 million Bravecto doses distributed in 85 countries, the overall worldwide reporting rate for neurological signs, including seizures, remains classified as very rare, which is defined by international regulatory authorities as less than 1/10,000," Merck officials said.