Donald Trump tops GOP field going into South Carolina primary

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Despite his rowdy performance and apparent loss in the most recent Republican debate last week, Donald Trump is leading the GOP pack in the most recent statewide poll of voters in South Carolina ahead of the state's primary on Saturday. (Scroll down to watch a video.)

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According to polling conducted by Public Policy Polling:

PPP's new South Carolina poll continues to find Donald Trump with a wide lead in the state. He's at 35 percent to 18 percent each for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, 10 percent for John Kasich, and 7 percent each for Jeb Bush and Ben Carson.

The race for second place is going to be close. But it's notable that Trump's performance, in which he blamed former President George W. Bush for 9/11, has not hurt his polling numbers in the Bush-friendly state.

Maybe Trump didn't lose the debate after all.

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On the Democratic side, PPP reports that Hillary Clinton leads Sen. Bernie Sanders, 55-34 going into the primary.

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