Man no more: Marines drop gender in job titles

A big change is on tap for the Marine Corps as it opens combat jobs to women.

The Marine Corps will be dropping "man" from 19 job titles after orders came down from the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, The Washington Post reported.

The Marine Corps comes under the authority of the Department of the Navy and the Secretary of the Navy.

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Mabus said that specialties must be made more gender neutral after women were allowed to serve in combat positions earlier this year.

Changes include: "antitank missleman" becomes "antitank gunner," "field artillery operations man" becomes "field artillery operations chief," and "reconnaissance man" becomes "reconnaissance Marine," the Post reported.

Some position names will remain the same, including, "rifleman" and "mortarman," The Marine Corps Times reported.

The ones that were not changed were left because they're part of the Marine Corps history, an unidentified Marine official told the Times.

"Manpower officer" and "vertical takeoff unmanned aerial vehicle specialist" will also include man because the it doesn't describe the person.

The Navy is also reviewing position names, looking to remove "man" from 21 titles and rates. No decision for sailors has been issued, and the Navy has asked for a second review of the proposals.

On the potential chopping block: corpsman, yeoman and seaman, the Times reported.

The second review could take months.

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