Man dies after possible bison attack at Utah park

Investigation has begun in death of 55-year-old man

Authorities believe a man who died while on a jog at a Utah park was possibly attacked by a bison.

Larry M. Adams had been jogging on Antelope Island in Salt Lake City when authorities believe he encountered a bison Saturday morning.

Adams, 55, called for help, and two women responded and called 911 about 10 that morning, according to the Utah Department of Natural Resources. State park personnel attempted to give Adams first aid. He was flown by helicopter to the University of Utah Hospital, according to a report by CBS affiliate KUTV.

Adams was originally admitted in critical condition, but he later died at the hospital. Officials say the 55-year-old’s injuries were consistent with that of a potential bison encounter. Eugene Swalberg, public affairs coordinator for Utah State Parks, told KSL-TV that it’s unclear how long the victim was lying there before the women were able to come to his rescue. It appears he may have been gored and possibly thrown by a bison.

“There was a hat near this individual and also some earbuds,” Swalberg told KSL-TV. “Was he running with earbuds and spooked a bison? That’s entirely possible. We just don’t know the circumstances, but he does have wounds and injuries consistent with a goring ... and maybe if he was thrown, lacerations from the rocks.”

An investigation is underway.