Your last chance to shop at Beltline Kroger as we know it: very soon

BeltLine Kroger will close on Oct. 28, at which point construction on 725 Ponce will begin. (Photo courtesy of Indigo Collective)
BeltLine Kroger will close on Oct. 28, at which point construction on 725 Ponce will begin. (Photo courtesy of Indigo Collective)

It has been a rough year for iconic businesses in Atlanta.

Churchill Grounds, the jazz spot next to the Fox, shuttered. We're the losing the <span id="U64268831061yuT">original Masquerade</span><span id="U71367864560Pbz">The Ted is no more.</span> Once popular restaurants like <span id="U68456571626JIN">4th & Swift</span><span id="U25114884034Qui">The Spence</span> and <span id="U72036310354tFY">Stone Soup Kitchen</span> closed. The list goes on.

But it's not often that the closing of a grocery store comes as a blow to nostalgic locals. And even though it will come back in a new fashion, the more dramatic might even call it the end of an era.

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The Ponce de Leon Avenue <span id="U41587807765UrD">grocery store known as "Murder Kroger"</span> will close next week to make way for 725 Ponce, a mixed-use redevelopment near the eastside Beltline trail.

BeltLine Kroger, which was built in 1986, will close on Oct. 28, Kroger Atlanta Division and commercial real estate development firm New City announced Monday.

It will be demolished in order to make way for 725 Ponce, which is expected to open in early 2019.

The new project will include a 60,000-square-foot Kroger, 360,000 square feet of loft office space and ground-level retail. Below it all, commuters will find more than 900 parking spaces.

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Glynn Jenkins, director of public relations for Kroger's Atlanta Division, said the new store will "suit the unique needs of our in-town customers."

"It will include an expanded natural foods and organic assortment of products, extensive prepared foods, Click List online grocery ordering and other amenities so that we may offer even more choices and convenience for our loyal customers," Jenkins said in a release.

Was this Kroger, "your" Kroger? Here are some nearby grocery shopping options: 

  • Publix, 1001 Ponce De Leon Ave. NE
  • Trader Joe's, 931 Monroe Drive
  • Kroger, 1225 Caroline St NE

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