Why you should never use your hazard lights while driving in rain

They can reduce the ability to see if the vehicles ahead are braking



Rain, and a lot of it, is in the North Georgia forecast for at least another day. Mix in hurried drivers, and it could be disastrous on the roads — even by Atlanta standards.

“I don’t want you to be fooled by the quiet start today, because later on, things could get a little bit hairy, and I’m talking even within the next few hours,” Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Eboni Deon said Wednesday morning.

But local police agencies say by planning ahead, slowing down and turning on headlights, drivers can avoid weather-related crashes. Just don’t switch on the hazard lights.

In Georgia, the use of hazard lights is permitted while driving statewide. The key is to use them when truly necessary in an emergency, such as when your vehicle is stalled, according to police.

“It can be confusing to other motorists and causes issues when attempting to merge or turn and your lights are already blinking,” Capt. Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said. “If it is raining so hard that you feel you need to drive with your hazard lights on, consider getting off the roadway.”

Watch your speed when the roads are wet and drive slower than normal to give yourself time to brake sooner than typical, officers advise. Remember to obey the law and put down your phone when behind the wheel, Sgt. Ashley Henson with the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office said.

Hey you, turn your lights ON!💡 Driving in the fog (like this)? Then you must turn your lights on. It’s the law: O.C.G.A. 40-8-20

Posted by Duluth Police Department on Thursday, February 11, 2021