These 24 Georgia companies have the most satisfied employees, according to a new ranking

Of the 800 companies dubbed the best in America for 2017 by Forbes, 24 Georgia businesses were recognized as the most beloved by their employees.

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The lists, compiled with help from analysts at research firm Statista, gathered survey data from 30,000 American workers and their opinions of their employers.

Workers rated how likely they were to recommend their organization to friends or family on a scale of zero to ten — the most important factor used in the ranking.

Employees were also asked to recommend companies other than their own, which helped influence the ranking as well.

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Forbes analysts then split the top employers into two groups: midsize (300) and large (500).

Costco, which has remained among the top three large employers in America for three years, topped this year’s ranking, followed by Google.

Popular Georgia companies on the list included Emory University (No. 105), Delta Air Lines (No. 145) and Coca-Cola (No. 362).

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For midsize companies, Lush, a retail cosmetics and personal care products company, earned top honors.

Georgia’s Chick-fil-A (No. 257) and MARTA (No. 255) were among the top midsize employers.

Here are all the Georgia companies recognized in Forbes’ America’s Best Employers 2017 list:

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