The best pizza in Atlanta is actually in Gwinnett, Zagat says

In a round-up of the best pizza in 15 major American cities, restaurant rating company Zagat has declared that the best pizza in Atlanta isn’t in the city limits — it isn’t even ITP.

While O4W Pizza started in its eponymous Old Fourth Ward, it moved to Duluth in 2016, bringing its popular Grandma Pie with it. Zagat listed the restaurant as the best in Atlanta and one of the "must-try" pizzerias in the country.

O4W Pizza is known best for its crispy, square-crusted Grandma Pie, made simply with sauce, cheese and basil. The restaurant also offers “classic” thin-crust pies in the style that New Jersey-born owner Anthony Spina grew up enjoying; thick-crust, rectangular Sicilian-style; and chewy, deep-dish Detroit-style.

Atlanta is the only city on Zagat's list to have its best pizzeria outside city limits. If it's worth fighting traffic, it must be worth a try.

Making Grandma Pie at O4W Pizza

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