Snow made for adorable pictures, funny social media posts in Marietta

When people get excited, one way or the other, they usually turn to social media.

And that's just what folks in Marietta did when it snowed late Tuesday into Wednesday.

Some parts of Cobb County got up to 1½ inches.

(You can keep up with our running coverage of the weather here and watch WSB's broadcast here.)

So, we took a look at social media posts near Marietta Square and a few miles away.

So if you want to see some adorable animals, beautiful snowy scenes and funny jokes, keep reading.

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Some people were up early ... like 3:15 a.m. early

Here’s one from 4 a.m.

Snow and 12°F at 9:00 AM

A post shared by David Housholder (@docdeh) on

First snow of Winter 2018!

A post shared by Brenda (Brainiac) Yee (@princess_ardala) on

Even state representatives get slowed by snow

Oh ya

A post shared by Bada Bings! (@badabingsatl) on

Safe to say...

This tweeter (that’s how that works, right?) said this photo was taken at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday in Powder Springs near Lost Mountain Park.


A post shared by Diego (@jacendb) on

Obligatory Snow Day post ❄

A post shared by Courtney Sims (@supremecourt_) on

It was a big day for some, like Maverick — the 1-year-old yellow labrador retriever. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution could not confirm whether or not Maverick was a good boy.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not this cat was less amused by snow than Maverick.

But would you look at Mr. Ro go!

No one loves a snow day more than Mr. Ro ❄️🐶❤️ @murphydavis3

A post shared by Claud♌ (@claudiarivass) on

And Little Chico!

Little Chico enjoying the Georgia #snow #dog #gotfunk

A post shared by Professor John (@professor_john) on

More importantly, you apparently need to keep an eye out for @queenlosa on the roads.

Snow can be a give-and-take type of deal.

@DGPurser gets it, too. He said this was taken near Canton and Piedmont roads about 8:30 a.m.

One of y’all need to help @gabrielareilly_.

And get at @_TheRealMayer_ with some hair assistance.

Some people need no help at all.

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