Seizure-sensing Gwinnett pooch gets year supply of Milk-Bones

One of Gwinnett County's finest canine companions is getting a year's supply of Milk-Bone treats -- and some very public "good boys."

Rolex, a golden retriever, is the service dog of Duluth resident Rosalie Brown, and he's one of 10 pooches named to Milk-Bone's second-annual list of "Dogs Who Changed the World."

According to the press release:

"Rosalie Brown calls her first meeting with Golden Retriever Rolex love at first tail wag. Rolex jumped into her lap, buried his head in her chest and stayed put. That was the moment she knew she was meeting her new best friend. Since then, Rolex has also become her lifesaver.

Rolex keeps Rosalie, who has epilepsy, healthy so that she can work regularly at an elementary school library. He is able to detect seizures before they occur and can also call for help when she needs it. Rolex's presence at the school also exposes students to those with disabilities and also teaches them the proper way to behave around service dogs."

Rolex is a "top dog" graduate of the Canine Assistants school, which "trains high-functioning service dogs to be the super-pups of the canine world." In addition to his Milk-Bone bounty, Rolex was also given his very own "doggie baseball card."