Restaurant inspection: Parasite destruction proof needed for sushi

The source of raw tuna and salmon being served at Enos Sushi in Forsyth County couldn’t be verified when a Forsyth County health inspector made a recent routine inspection.

The fish was not in the original packaging and parasite destruction documentation was not available either, the inspector said. Points were taken off because food safety could not be determined, and the fish would be served raw in sushi.

Enos Sushi, 3630 Peachtree Parkway, Suwanee, received a failing score of 34/U. The restaurant also failed a routine inspection in August with a 62/U, then improved to 88/B on the follow-up inspection.

In other code violations, several food items were too warm in the prep cooler. Tuna, Salmon, eel and cream cheese were all out of temperature range.

An employee touched raw salmon then continued to cook food without washing hands. Another employee touched a curtain and then clothes but continued to cook food without washing hands.

The inspector said the ice machine had mold build-up and advised management to have it cleaned. Dining tables were not being sanitized.

Enos Sushi will be re-inspected.

Gwinnett County restaurant has food at unsafe temps

A Gwinnett County restaurant, Las Delicias de La Abuela II, also failed a recent routine health inspection.

The Columbian restaurant had several food items at unsafe temperatures. Multiple containers of desserts made with milk, including dulce leche and a passion fruit dessert, were above the maximum temperature limit while inside a reach-in cooler. Salsa on the dining tables was also too warm. All of the foods were discarded.

Cooked pork and rice were also discarded. Both had been prepared the night before and stored in deep containers to cool. They were still too warm the next day.

Some foods were improperly stored and at risk of cross contamination. Raw eggs were on top of ham. Raw beef patties were stored above cut avocado. The beef and eggs were relocated, but the ham was discarded.

Las Delicias de La Abuela II scored 62/U on its initial routine inspection. The restaurant will be re-inspected.

In other news: Two recently featured Gwinnett County restaurants improved their health scores on follow-up inspections. First Watch, 1830 Scenic Highway North, Snellville, scored 100/A. Crepes Square, 80 Horizon Drive, Suwanee, also scored 100/A.