Restaurant inspection:Diner staff lacked proper food handling guidance

Jonesboro Diner didn’t have anyone in charge of proper food handling practices during a recent routine inspection, which resulted in numerous code violations and a failing health score.

The Clayton County health inspector took points off for unsafe food temperatures, dirty dishes and utensils and improper food storage, among other violations.

Jonesboro Diner, 192 Jonesboro Road, Jonesboro, scored a 40/U on the inspection, dropping from a previous score of 99/A. The restaurant manager left during the inspection, leaving no one in charge of food safety.

According to the inspection report, fish and chicken had been cooked below the required minimum temperatures. They were discarded. Cooked chicken, pepperoni, pasta and raw chicken in a walk-in cooler were above safe temperatures. The inspector said no one knew when items were prepared or how long it had been stored so it was all discarded.

The inspector observed cleaned coffee cups still dirty with food debris. And washed spatulas, spoons and scoops also had excessive food debris still on them. These items were rewashed and sanitized.

Food items in several locations were stored improperly and subject to cross contamination of bacteria. In a reach-in cooler, raw shrimp was above cooked pasta, and raw chicken was above ready-to-eat peppers. In a walk-in cooler, raw beef was stored above celery, tomatoes and other vegetables. The items were rearranged.

The restaurant was also flagged for not having expiration dates on prepared foods in the coolers, for keeping five loaves of bread past their expiration dates and for storing chemicals and cleaners among various food items in dry storage and underneath the prep table.

Jonesboro Diner will be re-inspected.