Remember NYC’s pizza rat? Well, Atlanta now has pizza squirrel

A squirrel finds a cheesy snack in Grant Park.
A squirrel finds a cheesy snack in Grant Park.

Two years ago, a comedian captured video of a rodent going down a subway staircase with a slice of pizza.

He posted it online, and the “pizza rat” YouTube video went viral in the truest sense of the word. (The most recent definition of the word, anyway.)

The sensation was covered widely, and pizza rat was even made into a Halloween costume. Today, the video has nearly 10 million views. 

So when Alisa Chambers, Grant Park Conservancy's director of operations, came across Atlanta's modern day version of pizza rat last week, she started snapping photos.

“I saw the squirrel inside the pool (when it was closed),” Chambers said in an email. “I watched him balance himself on a trash can, reach inside and come out with the slice of pizza!”

The squirrel was behind a locked fence and seemed wary of Chambers, she said. But she managed to get a few shots of him appearing to eat, guard and hoard the slice anyway.

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