Raccoon found inside DeKalb elementary school


Raccoon found inside DeKalb elementary school

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Plenty of questions here: How did the raccoon get in the school? Why did it choose a locked office to hide? How, then, did it get in a locked office?

The only part that makes sense is when DeKalb County animal control workers came Tuesday to retrieve the animal from Marbut Elementary in Lithonia, the creature was lounging in a trash can.

Raccoons like trash. 

The other questions went unanswered in a brief statement from DeKalb County Schools:

“Animal control removed a raccoon from a trash can in a locked office at Marbut Elementary. No student was exposed or harmed.”

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In other news: 

Interview with Dr. Steven Green, Superintendent of Dekalb County Schools. Dr Green talks about his interaction with students and parents on the first day of school 2017. Footage from Edward L. Bouie Sr. Elementary school.
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