Police seek 2 men in woman's kidnapping

Police are looking for two 24-year-old men who allegedly helped kidnap a woman who was later beaten and caged.

On April 1, a 21-year-old woman was taken from The Varsity restaurant downtown and taken to a hotel on Fulton Industrial Boulevard, according to Fulton County police. Then the woman was severely beaten and forced to spend the night in a dog cage, Det. Melissa Parker said.

The woman, whose eyes and face were swollen from the attack, was taken to Grady Hospital for treatment. Four women accused of beating her and a man accused of kidnapping her remain in the Fulton County jail.

Police said David Lee Walker, 27, ordered the punishment. He faces assault, battery, kidnapping and pimping charges, Parker said. Walker apparently located the woman and then ordered four other women to beat her for 30 to 40 minutes and place her in a 3-by-5 foot cage, police said.

On Tuesday, police said two other men were with Walker at the time of the kidnapping, Parker said.

David Davidson apparently drove Walker and Anthony Davidson to The Varsity, on North Avenue, police said. Once there, Anthony Davidson "lured the female back into the vehicle," Parker told the AJC.

"When she got close to the vehicle, that's when she was grabbed by her pimp, David Lee Walker," Parker said.

The four women previously arrested have been charged with aggravated assault for their roles in the beating, police said. They include: Amber Knight, Whitney Luckett and Robertenette Gordon-Deaver, all 24, and 20-year-old Keyanna Powell, 20, Parker said. Knight is also being charged with false imprisonment.

Anyone with information on the men is asked to call Fulton County police.