Open bags of fish covered with ice crystals at Wok Rock

Wok Rock, 3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Duluth, scored a second 50/U on a routine inspection this year. The restaurant had the same score in March before pulling it up to a 76/C on a follow-up inspection.

Four open plastic bags of fish were covered with ice crystals because they were stored directly under a condensation leak inside the walk-in freezer. The food was discarded. The Gwinnett County health inspector said ice was on the freezer walls, pipes and shelves as well.

Points were taken off for contaminated soy sauce. The inspector said the cook at the wok station used the same spoon to handle raw chicken and raw pork then dispense soy sauce from a bulk container. The sauce was discarded.

Food was not properly separated in cold storage. Raw frog legs were stored above noodles and cooked mussels, raw beef was above noodles and vegetable potstickers, and raw fish was above potatoes and an open package of crab sticks. In addition, the crab sticks were in a container with raw shrimp.

Multiple food items were stored uncovered or were inside torn bags. Food debris was found on containers and utensils that had been stored as clean.

Live roaches were observed throughout the kitchen, and dead roaches were found throughout the facility on floors, storage shelves and even on a clean dish, the inspector said.

Also, there was a motorcycle stored inside the facility in a storage room, a repeat violation.

Wok Rock will be re-inspected.

In other news: Recently featured Red Crawfish and Seafood, 1820 N. Brown Road, Lawrenceville, scored 90/A on its follow-up inspection.