News quiz for May 7

1. A veto from Gov. Deal on bills that would have defined city boundaries in what county now leaves a prime piece of real estate in flux?

A. Gwinnett

B. Fulton

C. DeKalb

D. Cobb

2. The conversion to dollars from what currency had a negative effect on Aflac’s first-quarter earnings?

A. Krugerrand

B. Yen

C. Peso

D. Euro

3. A former school board member from what county was forced to resign and will serve jail time for giving false statements to police?

A. Cherokee

B. Forsyth

C. Fulton

D. Cobb

4. The Hawks lost to what team Saturday, ending their chances to advance in the next round of NBA playoffs?

A. Washington Wizards

B. Los Angeles Clippers

C. Houston Rockets

D. Indiana Pacers

5. Atlanta is third, behind what two cities, according to scientific research, as the funniest city in America?

A. Denver and Seattle

B. New York and Los Angeles

C. Chicago and Boston

D. Nashville and St. Louis


1. C. Gov. Nathan Deal said in his veto statement that he didn’t want House bills 905 and 906, which would clarify borders for the DeKalb cities Chamblee and Brookhaven, to pre-empt the pending litigation over which city should get the Century Center office park at Clairmont Road and I-85.

2. B. The dollar-to-yen conversion hurt the Columbus insurance company Aflac’s bottom line. Both profits and revenues were down because of a weak yen/dollar exchange rate, the company said last week. Total revenues fell 9.1 percent, to $5.6 billion in the first quarter compared to the prior year. Profits fell 18 percent, to $732 million.

3. A. Former Cherokee County school board member Kelly Marlow and her associates Robert Trim and Barbara Knowles were each sentenced to 60 days in jail and 10 years probation last week after being found guilty of lying to authorities and filing a false police report. They claimed Superintendent Frank Petruzielo tried to run them down with his white SUV after a contentious school board meeting in June. They were arrested in July and charged with making multiple false statements to police.

4. D. The Hawks’ season came to an abrupt end Saturday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with a 92-80 loss to the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference first-round matchup.

5. C. Using a newly developed “humor algorithm” (HA), experts at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Humor Research Lab (HuRL) have ranked the 50 funniest cities in the country — funny, in this case, being a good thing. To the surprise even of HuRL’s top banana, Atlanta came in third, just behind Chicago and Boston — and three fat spots ahead of that city that thinks it invented laughter, New York.

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