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With more than two decades of journalism experience, Arlinda Smith Broady has been a reporter, news editor, production coordinator, intern supervisor and many other duties as assigned. What drove her to journalism is insatiable curiosity, love of the written word and a desire share knowledge. With the focus of journalism now digital-first with more emphasis on reader relevance, she strives to explore trending topics and bring audiences news they want in the timeliest fashion. As a writer and reporter, she's done extensive research on a variety of topics from politics, to healthcare, to economic development, to entertainment trends and just about everything in between. Her awards have shown that she casts the right balance between getting the message out and putting it together in an engaging way. Although Atlanta is a huge metropolitan area, it's made up of myriad communities. Broady shines by bringing readers a deeper understanding of their world and those around them. Her goal is to bridge the gaps that divide individuals and include the similarities that unite them.
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