Massive charging station to ease e-scooter clutter on Atlanta streets

In an effort to reduce e-scooter clutter on Atlanta’s roads, micromobility company Charge installed a massive charging station in downtown Atlanta, which often sees a high influx of scooter riders.

The company launched the charging hub amid debate and concerns over how to better regulate e-scooters in the Atlanta. Another hub is set to launch later this week. A specific date was not provided.

The massive charging station is located on 567 Courtland St. The second one will be near the Krog Street Market on 712 West Ashland Ave. The hubs are the first of four set to be in Atlanta. The company will launch up to six more in other cities, including Austin, Texas.


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“Most e-scooter operations rely on a network of contractors to collect their scooters each night, charge them and then redistribute around the city. Out hubs are designed specifically with these contractors in mind to help maximize their earning potential,” Charge co-founder and CEO Andrew Fox said in a statement.

The charging hubs contain four individual bays capable of charging 18 scooters each. The entire hub can charge up to 72 scooters.

Scooter companies can rent each bay for a 24-hour period using Charge’s mobile application.

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