Marietta rolls out new emergency notification system

Credit: City of Marietta

Credit: City of Marietta

A new way of notifying its residents about incidents related to weather, road closures and police activity has been launched by the city of Marietta.

The Everbridge emergency mass notification service allows Marietta to share with residents information such as severe weather alerts, flooding, gas leaks, incidents involving Marietta police and fire crews, and traffic collisions.

Residents can sign up by entering their contact information and choosing to receive alerts specific to their location in the city. Subscribers can choose to have alerts sent to their home, cell or business phones, email addresses or via text messages.

When the city sends out a notification, a message will be sent to subscribers asking them to confirm if they have received the alert. If a resident confirms receipt, they will not be contacted again about that specific alert.

If a person does not confirm, the system will continue trying to reach that resident at all numbers or email addresses  registered to receive notifications. Residents can stop receiving the alerts by removing their contact information from their profile.

Residents can sign up for the service by visiting the city's Everbridge website or downloading the Everbridge app through Apple's App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android devices.

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