R. Kelly shows his burglarized metro Atlanta home on Instagram

R. Kelly took to Instagram this weekend to show fans the burglaries that took place at his homes in north Fulton County.

R. Kelly took to Instagram this weekend to show fans the burglaries that took place at his homes in north Fulton County.

In some ways, north Fulton County felt like Chicago this past weekend. It was cold and snowy, and R. Kelly was there.

The Grammy-winning singer — who was been the subject of several sexual misconduct allegations this past summer — was in Johns Creek to inspect his homes that were burglarized in late November. Many televisions, furniture and more were taken from Kelly's home by one of his former associates, according to police.

In a video posted to the R&B singer’s Instagram account on Saturday, he shows viewers around one of his empty homes in north Fulton.

“I’m at my house right now, in Atlanta, where they basically done cleaned out my whole house,” Kelly says before showing viewers his empty living room. “I want to thank all my fans for their support. This what happens when you let people get too close to you. People you’ve known for 25, 30 years. This is what happens.”

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Kelly posted a second video later, in which he just stared into the camera — with a Bulls hat on his head and a cigar in hand — for 23 seconds.

Police are searching for a man from Lawrenceville in connection with the burglaries. Alfonso Walker, 50, was supposed to turn himself in on Dec. 5, but he never showed up. Police said he is facing several felony charges.

Kelly's Johns Creek homes were written about this summer when the parents of Joycelyn Savage — an Atlanta woman who was the subject of an investigative story by BuzzFeed — claimed Kelly was keeping her and "held women against their will in a cult" in his Johns Creek home. Police visited that home in December 2016, but no one was home.

Lawyers and spokespersons for Kelly have vehemently denied these allegations, but since BuzzFeed's first story, two more women came forward with similar allegations and had their stories told by Rolling Stone and BuzzFeed.

Kelly had a concert in Atlanta in August that was well attended, even after Fulton County commissioners sent a letter to LiveNation requesting that it be canceled.

The burglaries at Kelly's homes was the subject of a joke on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update a few days ago.

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