Hillary Clinton won Gwinnett. How did your neighbors vote?

Donald Trump won Georgia — and the presidency — Tuesday, but history of its own kind was made in Gwinnett County.

The increasingly diverse suburban county, Georgia's second largest, voted not for Trump but for Hillary Clinton, choosing a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Overall, Clinton took 51 percent of Gwinnett's unofficial vote count to Trump's 45 — but how did your neighbors vote?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has created an interactive map — the full version of which can be seen and used here — that shows how each precinct in Gwinnett County and metro Atlanta as a whole voted in Tuesday's presidential election. Users can type in their address to see which direction their neighborhood leaned.

A map showing how each Gwinnett County precinct voted in Tuesday's presidential election.

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The map shows Clinton cutting a wide swath of blue through the western part of Gwinnett, taking most precincts in the Norcross and Lilburn areas (some of the county's most diverse neighborhoods) then stretching all the way through the heart of Lawrenceville.

Clinton also won in all of the county's precincts with a majority of black voters, a significantly sized pocket on Gwinnett's southern tip.

  • Martins E (Ferguson Elementary, 1755 Centerview Drive, Duluth): 88 percent
  • Pinckneyville Q (Beaver Ruin Road Baptist Church, 1200 Beaver Ruin Road, Norcross): 85 percent
  • Pinckneyville J (John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5320 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Norcross): 84 percent
  • Martins D (Sweetwater Middle School, 3500 Cruse Road, Lawrenceville): 83 percent
  • Pinckneyville N (Landmark Church, 3737 Holcomb Bridge Road, Norcross): 81 percent

Trump, meanwhile, dominated the northern and far eastern parts of Gwinnett like Buford and Dacula and Hoschton — in many cases, the county's whitest and most rural areas.

The president-elect also painted a significant strip of the county's southern half red.

  • Duncans C (Hamilton Mill UMC, 1450 Pine Road, Dacula): 75 percent
  • Duncans B (Duncan Creek Elementary School, 4500 Braselton Highway, Hoschton): 73 percent
  • Duncans D (Hamilton Mill Christian Church, 3809 Sardis Church Road, Buford): 72 percent
  • Duncans A (12 Stone-Hamilton Mill, 3858 Braselton Highway, Buford): 72 percent
  • Pucketts A (Bogan Park Community Center, 2723 N. Bogan Road, Buford):  70 percent

Gwinnett first became a majority-minority county — meaning non-white residents account for more than half of the population — in 2010. That wasn't nearly enough, however, to turn the county Democratic during 2012's presidential election.

Mitt Romney took 57 percent of Gwinnett's votes that year.