Gilmer County middle school principal killed in tractor accident

Larry Walker, a native of Gilmer County in North Ga., was killed late Saturday. Authorities said his tractor overturned into a pond and pinned him underneath. Walker was the principal of Gilmer Middle School. He was beloved at the school, the district said.

Students at Gilmer Middle School returned to class for the first time Monday morning after the tragic death of their principal Saturday.

Larry Walker, a native of Gilmer County in North Georgia, was killed in “a tragic accident” late Saturday, according to the Gilmer school district. Authorities said Walker was pulled from a pond on his Ellijay property about 10:15 p.m. after his tractor overturned into the water, pinning him underneath.

“We wake this morning deeply saddened and shocked,” district officials said in a Facebook post Sunday. “Our district is in the process of making arrangements for counselors and our local ministry to help our staff and students in this time of great sadness.”

Walker was beloved at the middle school, the district said. According to his bio on the school’s website, his two daughters are also enrolled in Gilmer County Schools.

The school gym will be open at 2 p.m. today for students to meet with counselors and local church leaders, the district said.

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