Georgia’s most ethnically diverse city might surprise you

The racial makeup of Georgia and the United States is changing.

As recently as 2017, only one core metro Atlanta county still had a majority-white population.

That was Cobb County, and those demographics will change within just a few yearsThe AJC reported, based on projections by Woods & Poole Economics Inc,. a Washington firm that specializes in county data.

In a September 2018 report by financial website WalletHub, Georgia ranked No. 13 nationwide in its ranking of the most and least diverse states.

Since diversity is more than just ethnicity, WalletHub considered religion, culture, politics and three other factors for that ranking.

But what about ethnicity?

In its most recent analysis to determine the most and least ethnically diverse cities, WalletHub compared 501 of the most populated U.S. cities across three key metrics: birthplace, language, ethnicity and race. You can read the full methodology here.

Ten Georgia cities made WalletHub’s list.

The most diverse Georgia city is home to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, singer and actor Usher Raymond, television personalities Karen Greer and Russ Spencer, "a dozen" active Falcons, Braves and Hawks, as well as Hall of Famers John Smoltz and Leo Mazzone, accrording to a 2017 AJC report.

It’s Johns Creek, with a score of 62.53 out of 100.

The North Fulton community, which made the list for most ethnically diverse cities, has been home to late legends like TLC's Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez and Whitney Houston.

It is also home to the second best public high school in the state, and in 2016 was dubbed Georgia's safest city.

And at No. 44, it is the only Georgia city to crack the top 50 nationwide.

In the three key metrics, Johns Creek ranked:

  • Ethnicity and race: 121
  • Language: 34
  • Birthplace: 20

The next best showing by a Georgia city, making it No. 2 in the state, is Sandy Springs, ranked No. 80 nationally.

Nos. 3-10 in the state (followed by their national rank) are:

3. Roswell (120)

4. Athens (160)

5. Columbus (183)

6. Atlanta (201)

7. Savannah (230)

8. Augusta (261)

9. Macon (329)

10. Albany (410)

This map shows the racial breakdown of Georgia county populations by year beginning in 1990 and projected through 2050. Click the "Play" button to watch an animated progression, or use the slider to move to a specific year. Hover over or tap on a county to see its racial breakdown for the selected year. Projections, provided by Woods & Poole Economics Inc., are based on historical birth, death and migration data, as well as projected economic conditions.

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