Fruit flies, moldy ice machine reported at Gwinnett Waffle House

A Gwinnett County Waffle House failed its recent health inspection, with officials noting mold in the ice machine and fruit flies "throughout the facility."

The diner, located at 4135 Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville, received a 58/U on the Monday morning inspection.

In addition to the flies and mold -- both repeat violations -- the eatery was cited for allegedly having raw waffle batter and eggs stored about ready-to-eat food (another repeat violation) and a leaky "dish sink drain line."

"... Water is leaking onto the floor below the dish machine booster heater," the inspection report said. "Food, debris, wastewater is accumulating on the floor in this area."
Other reported violations included improperly cooling batter, improperly stored grits and uncovered gravy.

In its two previous inspections, completed in January and last May, the Waffle House received an 81/B and an 83/B, respectively. A follow-up inspection will be scheduled within 10 days of Monday's evaluation. 

If repeat violations are repeated again, the report said, the diner's permit could be suspended.

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