Evacuees give birth to baby as Tropical Storm Irma hits Atlanta

Evacuees give birth to baby as Tropical Storm Irma hits Atlanta

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Eileen and Daniel Cohen (Credit: Channel 2 Action News)
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  • At 38-weeks pregnant, a Florida mom didn’t want to take chances with Hurricane Irma.
  • Her son Nathan was born as the then tropical storm hit metro Atlanta.
  • Nathan arrived two years to the day of his parents’ first date.

When Nathan Cohen grows up, he will have a fascinating story to tell about why his Florida parents gave birth in Georgia.

His name literally means “a gift from God,” which Eileen and Daniel Cohen think is most fitting, Channel 2 Action News reported.

The couple left their Delray Beach home Thursday, when Eileen was 38 weeks pregnant, ahead of the intense and at that time unknown path of Hurricane Irma.

“It was very nerve-wracking to decide what to do, but we’re super glad we actually came up here,” Eileen Cohen told the news station. 

She wasn’t due for two weeks, but Sunday after attending the Braves-Marlins matchup at SunTrust Park, she went into labor. 

“I just had a feeling this was the weekend,” she said. “I couldn’t tell you how I knew or why, but I knew it would happen.” 

As Irma descended upon metro Atlanta, Cohen gave birth to Nathan at Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs.

“We kind of joked how this storm followed us all the way up here,” she said. 

Cohen said her delivery went perfectly well. 

“The OB was amazing,” she told Channel 2. “I think I had a great experience here, if not better than I would have at home.”

Cohen said her home in Florida was spared and her grandparents, who refused to leave, made it through the storm unhurt. 

“I was pretty confident it was going to hit South Florida a lot harder,” she said. 

Nathan’s birth came two years to the day of the Cohens' first date, Channel 2 reported. 

“I knew right away I wanted her to be the mother of my children,” Daniel Cohen said. 

The trio are staying with family in Sandy Springs, but plan to head back to Florida this weekend with quite the story to tell. 

“What amazing tale that he has from the get-go, before he’s even born,” Eileen Cohen said.

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