DeKalb releases results of tap water safety tests

DeKalb County’s tap water is up to par, a new report has found.

The county’s Department of Watershed Management is required by law to test the drinking water to ensure it is safe. The water tested in 2018 revealed that DeKalb “continues to surpass all federal and state drinking water quality standard,” the county said in a statement Tuesday.

According to the 2019 "Drinking Water Quality Report," none of the chemical levels in DeKalb's water were high enough to constitute a violation. DeKalb gets its water from the Chattahoochee River and treats it at the Scott Candler Water Treatment Plant in Dunwoody.

DeKalb tests over 250 water samples every month from locations throughout the system. Officials also conduct 45 daily production control tests.

The watershed management department provides water to 700,000 customers in DeKalb.

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